Monday, May 17, 2010

A White Wedding Fantasy

It's official, I'm in love....With weddings, the brides, the excitment, the love, the vows, the speeches, the flowers, the kiss, the ring exchange, the potographs and most important the wedding gowns.
Weddings have always been something that I love. I love everything about them, each special moment that's shared with everyone that attends but most of all the special moments that happen that day for the bride and groom. A large part of this day as you all would know is the gown.
Now, if I could, I would get married now and have my fantasy white wedding, unfortunatly I can't see that happening anytime soon, until then I will continue to lust over the white gowns and white flowers.
I will start with some pictures of my favourite gowns.

This lace gown excites me. I love the simple elegence that has been touched through lace. I love the thick straps that still manage to show her gorgeous shoulders. The dress drapes towards the bottom and reduces the lace which I love.
Another of my favourite which comes from the same 2009 lace line. This dress is simply beautiful, the band around her waist add's elegence. The flowing gown should be worn on a girl with a petite figure to show her soft elegence.

Check out more of this 2009 lace collection at :

In this blog, I want to explore everything that happens on the wedding. From make up and hair to the wedding location.